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Melbourne Shuttle Bus is one of the best transportation services in Florida. We are providers of premium and most affordable transportation service in Florida. Our shuttle bus service is the best option for you regardless of where you are going and with whom you are going. We provide proper satisfaction and peace of mind. We are always available at your service and we will feel honored to serve you. To meet your needs and to provide you best services

We are offering two types of transportation services

melbourne shuttle service

Melbourne Daily Shared Transportation

melbourne private transportation

Melbourne Private Transfers Transportation

 Our shared transportation service is most economical service provided in the whole town. This service is most suitable for individuals and small groups. We offer lowest per person rates without affecting our supreme quality. We have fixed terminals in each city where we provide pick and drop. You can select the terminal which is most convenient for you. Moreover within a certain mileage and in specific cities, we can provide pick and drop at your desired location like your home, office, apartment etc. at a very small fee. By our Door 2 Door shuttle transportation service you can enjoy flexibility of private transportation in the fare of shared transportation

Melbourne Shuttle Bus also provides Private shuttle transportation for persons wanting full independence and flexibility. You are provided with your own shuttle along with a driver and you can have him at any place anytime. This provides the travelers much flexibility and convenience in traveling. This service is best for business travels or for the groups. This as an amazing service but it doesn’t mean that it is very expensive. We offer lowest possible rates and best possible services

Pick and Drop terminals.Waffle-House

To meet the quality standards we always try to avoid traffic jams and delays. So in order to overcome this problem we have our fixed terminal in each city where we provide pick and drop. If you are traveling with private transportation then there is no problem, you’re desired location is our pick and drop point. But if you are traveling on shared transportation then you have to be at our pick and drop point. Our pick and drop point in Melbourne is Waffle House at 4650 W New Haven, Melbourne. You have to be there in order to get a ride.

imagesWe are available 24/7 at your service. You can make your reservation at our Reservations page. We really prefer to make your reservation about 48 hours prior to your departing time. In this way it will be very easy for us to provide you quality services without any problem. We really like you to cruise through Melbourne Shuttle Bus website for more information regarding schedules, availability, fares and also to get a Free Quote for your next trip.


Melbourne Shuttle Bus transportation services

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