Best Museums in Melbourne Florida

Located southeast of wildly famous Orlando, the city of Melbourne, Florida has a few thrilling attractions of its own. Visitors will fall in sentiment with the Eau Gallie Arts District that highlights the majestic Foosaner Art Museum and a plethora of art galleries there are gardens, museums, and parks to while away the moments and an assortment of eateries to please even the most finicky palates. The famous Melbourne area has a comprehensive quality of attractions and activities to fill each vacation day with enjoyable things to do.


Five best museums in Melbourne Florida

Museums can be an educational way to help the people learn about the world around them, or an exciting way to pass some time.

Foosaner Art Museum

Discover in the Eau Gallie Arts District onward the Indian River, Foosaner Art Museum is a center of creativity and gathering place that catalyzes change. They are devoted to collecting, displaying, and paraphrasing all aspects of the visual arts, relating them to the past, present, and future. They emphasize a permanent collection of more than 5,000 objects covering over 2,000 years of rich history, including the works of 20th-century Central Florida artists, Modern and Up-to-date works on paper, and Asian ceramics and metalwork. Some of the various iconic pieces of their collection include photographs of Clyde Butcher, a Florida ecologist and artist, and the biggest group in the world of Ernst Oppler’s impressionist artworks.

Historic Rossetter House Museum & Gardens

Historic Rossetter House Museum and Gardens are formed of the 1865 Houston Cemetery, the 1892 Roesch House, and the 1908 Rossetter House and Gardens. It is placed on the National Register of Historic Places and works as a reminder of Florida’s storied past and the outstanding people who made it home in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Guests are welcome to partake in their guided tours of the beautifully renovated home, its gardens, and the graveyard to get an in-depth look at what life was like during these times. They also feature the beautiful Ella’s Closet Gift Shop where guests can buy books on local Florida history.

Liberty Bell Memorial Museum

The Liberty Bell Memorial Museum is an entirely free attraction dedicated to saving the rich history of the United States. It features two different areas, the first of which is The Rotunda of American History, concentrated on the significant milestones of American history. The devoted memorabilia and records are displayed in a timeline fashion. This includes a copy of the Liberty Bell and exhibits compared to Florida’s past such as pre-revolutionary era artifacts and objects recovered from the aquatic airspace station of Melbourne, old forts, and space research. The museum also has Freedom Hall, a praise to the men and women of the United States armed forces.

National Sports Museum

Located within the walls of the hallowed Melbourne Cricket Ground, the National Sports Museum celebrates Australian sport and the history of the MCG. Any sporting fans will love a trip to the National Sporting Museum, which rightfully invites Melbourne home. From Phar Lap to the AFL, here you can check out all things game. There is fascinating history, and interactive displays, and more to learn about a game that you knew existed. The National Sports Museum is also located at the MCG, which is an essential piece of sporting history in its own right.

Chinese Museum

Situated in Chinatown, the Chinese Museum is devoted to preserving the legacy and culture of the Australian Chinese community. Also serving as Chinatown’s visitors’ center, the museum features three permanent carnivals: Finding Gold, Dragon Gallery, and Chinese Australian History. Over five floors you’ll see textiles, photographs, and artifacts including The Millennium Dai Long Dragon – the most significant Chinese dragon in the world.

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