Five best things to see & do in Melbourne,FL

Melbourne is a Florida city southeast of Orlando. The Eau Gallie Arts District, on the Indian River Lagoon, is known for its galleries and Foosaner Art Museum. Period buildings include the Rossetter House Museum & Gardens, restored to its 1908 appearance. Across the lagoon, Howard E. Futch Memorial Park at Paradise Beach faces the Atlantic Ocean. North, Brevard Zoo features a kayak tour through an African habitat.

There are several reasons why people call Melbourne, Florida house. From its vibrant arts display to secure entrance to outdoor activities, Melbourne is a city that thrives year round. Whether you are a visitor a new citizen, here are five attractions that are worth your time. Here is a list of five best things to see & do in Melbourne, FL.

Five best things to see & do in Melbourne,FL

Best five things to see & do in Melbourne

 Brevard Zoo

The Brevard Zoo highlights over 100 varieties from many different parts of the world, along with a variety of conservation programs. Jungle encounters,  Hino encounters, Kayaking, are also available for a more cost.

Only at Brevard Zoo can you kayak through Africa or zip line through South America, over gators and crocs. Adventure around animal displays and view the animal residents up-close and personal. Let a giraffe feed right from your hand, pet a rhino or have bright parrots land on your arms. The Brevard Zoo is house to more than 650 animals expressing more than 165 species from Florida, South America,  Asia, Africa, and Australia. Search each habitat by walking with shaded boardwalks enclosed by lush, unspoiled Florida, paddle-boat around the 22-acre rebuilt wetlands area in the Wild Florida display or kayak around the 10-acre Expedition Africa exhibit. Cool off in the Indian River Play Lagoon and touch tank in the Paws on play section for children or zip through the zoo along Treetop Trek, a breathtaking zip line and obstacle course.

 Camp Holly Airboat Rides

It is a must-see action for any out-of-towners that tour you! This 40-minute trip permits you to see wildlife with the St. John River. There are also night journeys that can get you close to Florida’s casual state animal: The Alligator.

You’re looking for wildlife and an opportunity to experience Florida’s natural environment, set aside a day to travel the swampland. You can discover a variety of airboat and lagoon trips around the Space Coast, but one of our idols is Camp Holly in Melbourne, along the St. Johns River. Camp Holly is also one of the most massive standings – since 1923 – and with a name to go with that legacy. Reserve an airboat trip, led by informed staff who can guide you about the local flora, fauna, snakes, turtles birds, fish, and, of course, alligators. There’s an excellent opportunity you’ll see a gator – or several, right up close. But seeing wildlife isn’t all Camp Holly proposals. Let hunting or fishing on and around the St. Johns River, take a cold drink and meal on site and even enjoy a live performance on the deck.

 The historical Rossetter House Museum & Gardens

The museum is welcoming Wednesday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Guided trips provided at the top of the hour. You can also hire spaces within the home and on the lawn for special occasions such as weddings and baby showers.

The Rossetter House Museum is a history lover’s heaven. The Rossetter House and Gardens date back to 1908, and other historical properties on site extent back even farther. The graveyard dates to 1865. Travel the Rossetter House, described after its former inhabitants, as well as the lovely gardens, the cemetery, and a vintage car – all for available. More in-depth journeys of additional historical points of interest are accessible for a fee. The Rossetter mansion itself provides a peek into the region’s pioneer history. Before you go, make sure you turn by Ella’s Closet, the on-site gift shop.

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Five best things to see & do in Melbourne,FL

Melbourne Greyhound Park & Club 52 Poker

Melbourne Greyhound Park and Club 52 Poker Room established at 1100 North Wickham Road, in Melbourne, Florida. The buildings first opened as a Jai Ala fronton in 1971 and turned to dog racing in 1990. Simulcast betting added in 1992, and in 2004 a multi-million dollar renovation included the addition of an 11,000 square foot poker room with 45 tables and a VIP room for private gatherings up to 100 people.

Escape Room Entertainment

Escape Room Entertainment is Brevard County’s premiere fascination motivated by the escape room craze cleaning the nation. It’s an interactive sport & mental workout set in a real, physical position that challenges you to decode & decrypt your walk out of a “locked” room. Escape Room Ent. is an adventure inside four walls an escape from the ordinary world. It’s not about your endurance but about testing your abilities and meeting a mental challenge. Each Room available to try at Escape Room Ent. highlights its unique theme, challenges, and props. You are in an unusual place. You must examine each clue, secret, discover hidden secrets and crack codes to find your way out.

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