Five fun places to explore on a trip from Melbourne to Miami

Located on the southeast of Orlando, Melbourne is also known as ‘The Harbor City”. It is a well-developed area which offers many attractions for its visitors. This city provides a very calm neighborhood for the locals. This city offers many activities which you can enjoy with your family. A trip from Melbourne to Miami with your family will always be a fun trip, and you will be visiting many unusual places as well. In this blog, you will get to know about five fun places to explore on a trip from Melbourne to Miami, Florida.

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A trip from Melbourne to Miami

Brevard Zoo:

Brevard Zoo located in Melbourne, Florida is a facility that offers more than 900 animals from different species from all around the world. All the collections are well thought out and make the experience very enjoyable. Visitors always love feeding a giraffe and then cooling off at the splash area in the afternoon when the day heats up. This facility offers a unique experience for adults and kids.

Vero Beach Museum of Art:

Museum of Arts located in Vero Beach, Florida houses regional, state and national art exhibits and includes a sculpture garden. It is a beautiful museum to spend some time to walk around and enjoy the Art. They also have an impressive collection of astrophotography that everyone can enjoy.

Navy UDT-SEAL Museum:

Navy SEAL Museum located in St. Lucie County, just outside Fort Pierce, Florida could be an excellent place for a visit for youngsters. The navy seal museum is a great place to go and learn about the history of the navy seals. They have a wide variety of weapons and things that the seals use in regular combat. The relics and photos will help you to understand and visualize our history.

Palm Beach Zoo:

Palm Beach Zoo of Florida houses more than 550 animals within a lush tropical habitat. You will love being so close to these magnificent animals, and you will learn so much about them. It takes about 2-3 hours to get through the whole park, but it is well built and very well organized. This facility offers an excellent experience for visitors and locals alike. A right amount of more significant events throughout the year (Brew at the Zoo, Chinese New Year, Earth Day, Boo at the Zoo, Breakfast with the Easter Bunny, etc. always attract many new visitors every year.

Miami-Dade Zoo:

The Miami-Dade Zoological Park is the largest and oldest zoological garden in Florida. If you come, expect to spend a few hours here. Huge zoo and a lot of walking. They have a very spacious environment for animals to roam freely. It’s a great place. You can walk, ride a cycle or water cycle. You can feel all animals are happy and well taken care of, the staff is friendly, and you’ll have a perfect time here. It’s great to make the kids play on the different play areas, even if you don’t go to see the animals. This facility could be an excellent place to rest on a hot summer day, and Florida Shuttle Transportation could be an ideal option for ground transportation.

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