Get to know about the fun facts of Melbourne Florida

Melbourne, Florida is a city that lives a mystery to many people. But, the city doesn’t need to remain a mystery. These fun facts about Melbourne Florida can help you to know why you should visit Melbourne Fl. Melbourne Florida holds some legitimately decent institutions, such as the Maxwell C. King Center for the Performing Arts, which brings big-name musicians and even Broadway traveling shows. Groucho’s Comedy Club, placed inside the Melbourne Greyhound Park, is one of the popular comedy clubs in the zone and brings some of the nation’s top stand-up comedians – the identical faces you may see on Comedy Central. While you’re at the greyhound park, please don’t miss the 45 Vegas-style gambling tables. Here are some fun facts about Melbourne Florida.

Get to know about the fun facts of Melbourne Florida

Fun facts of Melbourne Florida

Are you Looking for a real rush? Just visit the Andretti Thrill Park, where you can enjoy the drive up to 40 miles per hour. You can also slow things down in nature at Camp Holly, with an airboat tour. The Melbourne city is family-friendly, with a mixture of indoor kiddie zones to cool off from the Florida heat, as well as you will find a lot of traditional museums, to exercise your brain.

Melbourne is well Known for Its Space Relationship

Melbourne Florida is the part of Palm Bay, which is recognized as the Space Coast. If you are the space lover, then you might find that the area has a lot for you to explore. Melbourne Florida is close to the Kennedy Space Center, and It is also near to many NASA launches. Melbourne is a hub for space travel, which is a significant cause for those who love space to visit Melbourne Fl.

Excellent Place to live

According to the world report and US News, Melbourne Florida is one of the reliable places to live. In reality, the publication listed the city as the 40th best city to live. Some of the important factors include weather, commutes, quality of life, and jobs. If you want to see out what makes the city so unique, visit Melbourne Fl.

No snow for Over 100 Years

If you like the sunshine, then you will surely love Melbourne. All the year, the city has a great climate. In the winter, Usually, there is warm weather. The weather is so sunny that the town went over 150 years without any snowfall. If you want a warm wintertime, you need to visit Melbourne Fl.

The Melbourne airport

The Melbourne airport previously was the military base. Back in the days of World War II, the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport was a component of our national defense. In these days the Eau Gallie-Melbourne Municipal Airport set into the Melbourne Airport a Naval Air Station. Both Marine Corps and Navy fighter pilots were trained here for aircraft such as the F4F Wildcats, SNJ Texans and F6F Hellcats. At its top, According to the Florida History Museum, the base had more than 1,500 personnel and 129 buildings. It also holds 250 German POWs. The station was closed in February 1946 and returned back to a municipal airport.

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